Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

A frozen expanse of untamed early America stretches as far as the eye can see.  The boughs of cedar and conifers are heavy with snow.  Your steed is laden with provisions, taking a slow measured pace through this unfamiliar region.  Subtle wafts of your last fire emanate from your coat.  Your saddle is warm and sturdy beneath you as your ride with trusty musket close at hand, prepared for the uncalculated dangers only the deep winter wilderness can oblige.

Flintlock is an intensely dark, woody, smokey and slightly coniferous blend.   It is a combination of worn brown saddle leather, Virginia cedarwood, tobacco absolute, black pepper, sandalwood and a medley of other woods with a touch of evergreens, bayberry and smoke that will plunge you deep into a Pioneer’s winter in the American frontier.  Flintlock is darker on cold sniff and initial application than on the dry down. The evergreen and bayberry notes are very mild and primarily detectable at this stage in the opening.  The blend wears like a warm brown leather jacket infused with cedar and smoke.  It is woody, smoky and refined on the dry down.

3 thoughts on “Flintlock”

  1. The description of this scent totally drew me in, but I found it to be very clean and fresh on my skin. I got no smoke and I wanted a lot of smoke. I think the trees and leather give it a sort of masculine clean slant.

  2. Starts off with a lot of black pepper and cedar in an intriguing combination, then some leather begins to show itself along with gritty smoke, and then…tobacco. Straight tobacco. It’s sweet and fresh and very very in my face. Agreed with the thesapphiresea here.

  3. I bought this for my boyfriend but also wanted to try it out for myself (as a person who loves and grew up camping). I was a little disappointed by this one as there was a strong note in this that I wasn’t a huge fan (perhaps the tobacco?)- I was overall expecting more of a woody-forest perfume. It isn’t at all bad and my boyfriend really liked this- it just wasn’t what I was expecting from the description. I feel like this perfume has a cold feel and it definitely leans masculine. It seems to come off as very faint- you can smell it better close up to the skin.

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