Foxcroft Fairgrounds

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

A cloudless night dotted with stock-still stars gleaming with such ferocity as only can be seen in the open country. Crisp fall air carries on it the scents of the bustling Autumn Festival held at the Foxcroft fairgrounds. Dazzling colors, scents of sugared delights and a myriad of sounds overwhelm and delight the senses. Pink cotton candy pillows adorn needle thin sticks accompanied by large frosty vanilla cream sodas. Sticky vanilla salt water taffy and Gridling’s funnel cakes blanketed in confectioner’s sugar threaten to send blood sugar soaring far past the top of the Ferris wheel and on towards Polaris. The fresh outdoor autumn air weaves around the sweet treats with a hint of dirt, leaves and moss laced with woodsmoke. In a quiet corner of the fairground, a fortune is waiting to be told. Exotic tendrils of incense escape from underneath the tent flaps, swirling around you and beckoning you to enter.

Foxcroft Fairgrounds is an olfactory kaleidoscope that is full of rich atmosphere. On initial application, a beautiful autumn air accord emerges while hugging a core of a deliciously crafted pink cotton candy accord and vanilla cream soda. The autumn air carries notes of dirt, leaves and moss laced with soft woodsmoke. Hints of vanilla salt water taffy and golden brown funnel cakes coated with powdered sugar dart around the edges after a few minutes. The cotton candy pushes toward the front and remains at the core of the scent through most of the wear time. On the fringes of the cotton candy core you will get different whiffs of notes each time you smell it. A soft exotic incense note blows through on one sniff, autumn air or sweet woodsmoke may entrance you on another. Cake and cotton candy may dance intimately at a later time. With 30 notes, Foxcroft Fairgrounds has plenty of layers to unfold and journey with. This is the kaleidoscope of scents at the festival, intended to mirror the sights and smells for an olfactory synesthesia that is a fun and fascinating experience.

Released: Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival

17 thoughts on “Foxcroft Fairgrounds”

  1. It starts out very sweet cotton candy with some incense, dirt, and cold air in the background. The flavor of the candy fades and to my nose it turns into a sweet, dity incense bomb. Full disclosure, I am sensitive to incense and was taking a risk with this one. It didn’t pay off.

  2. Definitely an autumnal fair- there’s a prominent dead leaves/fall spices note here. However, it’s wonderfully balanced out by the smoothness of the sweet notes, and is definitely a recognisable gourmand atmospheric overall. Gorgeous.

  3. All I get is the sweet stuff. I’m not a fan of sugar bombs without a counterbalance, so I really miss the smoke / incense here. And… very late at night, I got a whiff of something medicinal. Not in a fun herbal tonic way, not even necessarily a doctor’s office. No, what I smelled was Bengay®. Like, straight up arthritis cream. No joke.

  4. This is a mix of the atmospheric notes from my beloved Foxcroft and Frankenberry cereal from my childhood. Does anybody remember Count Chocula (brown box w/the count), Boo Berry (blue box with a ghost) and Frankenberry (pink box with monster) cereals? Well this is disturbingly spot on accurate. After about 4 to 5 hours the Foxcroft notes are gone and I’m left smelling like artificial berry that stays close to the skin. I enjoyed this for nostalgic reasons even though I doubt I’d reach for this perfume oil very often.

  5. I get none of the cotton candy, soda, taffy, cakes, or sugar. I apparently smell kind of like…the animal day at a state fair, with all the straw and leaves, maybe some incense. There’s absolutely nothing sweet about it. It does have a nice fall smokey smell to it, and something a little animals sans manure smell. I don’t really feel like it belongs in my category of gourmand fairground scents.

  6. Woody, smoky, smooth, resinous, and lightly sweet. Dark woods, smoke, incense, dead leaves, powdered sugar, vanilla taffy, and cotton candy. I don’t smell anything like funnel cakes or cream soda (and I especially don’t smell anything fizzy).

    The darker notes here (woods, smoke, incense, dead leaves) are by far the most powerful, creating a smouldering, dusky scent with only light gourmand touches. Like walking through an eerily abandoned camp in the middle of a shadowy forest… after the carnival packed up and left weeks ago. I was hoping for more of an even balance or even a lightly darkened gourmand. Still though, I do kinda like this. Not enough to buy a bottle though.

    Like and recommend to those who enjoy dark smoky scents with a touch of gourmand.

  7. Very autumnal and incense-y. It’s a little less complex than I was expecting, but it’s still very nice. It’s kind of like sweet incense with dirt and leaves mixed in, and faint traces of fairground food in the background.

  8. I really love this! It doesn’t read as super complex on me. It’s mostly just a sweeter incense smell. I still adore wearing it though, it’s pretty long lasting on me too.

  9. This scent is like a renaissance faire in a bottle! It smells like all of the small campfires and incense shops and cool air, combined with the tempting carnivalic scents of freshly fried funnel cake, playful and sweet cotton candy, sweet fizzy vanilla cream soda, all whipping up in the breeze in a sinfully sweet melange. The incense and woodsmoke elements definitely help temper the sweetness though, so it isn’t too intense. Still the closest thing I’ve found to a bottled memory of renaissance festivals.

  10. I don’t like this scent, but I appreciate how beautifully it’s blended. It smells just like autumn! I pick up the scent of being outside more than anything – Dirt, leaves, and a soft smoke come out with a hint of vanilla and fizz in the background. It’s like having the vanilla soda in your hand while walking through the leaves. It’s a pass for me because of the smoke, though it is a very well-done atmospheric.

  11. I smell cream soda the most with cotton candy in the background mixed with dirt and a small amount of incense that almost gives it an even more fizzy feeling. I bought FS and love mine.

  12. This is a wonderful atmospheric on me! It makes me think of the Halloween at Scarywood in Idaho. Cotton candy and funnel cakes at first, it starts out very sweet and gourmand. The cold night air filled with incense takes over for a bit, and then sweetness returns in the form of a realistic fizzy cream soda. Throughout the weartime it changes between incense and sugary sweet, with occasional saltiness from the taffy. Love this.

  13. Opens with a beautiful accurate funnel cake and incense, then quickly nosedives into bitter astringent SOMETHING with some wet leaves and smoke. This one is a wild roller coaster ride. It keeps morphing on me. I think my skin hates Foxcroft??? It goes basically rancid on me, but smells really intriguing (cold air, funnel cakes with some sweet lightweight vanilla, wet earth, smoke) in the bottle.

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