Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Gehenna is a very dark fragrance with red musk as the dominant note, followed by rich prominent Dragon’s Blood. Smoke from eternal fires billows in the background followed by a subtle addition of resinous myrrh. Egyptian Musk rounds out the sharper notes of the blend and contributes to a lighter, less ominous dry down.

On cold sniff and initial application, Gehenna is strong, powerful, rich and musky. The scent showcases the red musk and dragon’s blood in the foreground with a smoke blend following just behind. The myrrh is subtle but blends with the amber and oud to give body to the blend and temper the smoke notes. After journeying into Gehenna for an hour or so, a halo of Egyptian musk emerges from the darkness – tempting the senses with its white light and calm resonance. This scent leans masculine but is a great choice for women who enjoy dragon’s blood and incense-based fragrances.

Gehenna is very much a head shop/new age shop fragrance with the prominent notes of red musk and dragon’s blood.

Released: Fall Collection

3 thoughts on “Gehenna”

  1. On me this is predominantly red musk and Dragon’s Blood mix with smoky resinous notes in the background that tie it all together beautifully. Red musk tends to smell a bit grape like on my skin. It’s not a wine note but more of a almost candied purple grape note if that makes sense. It’s very slight but definitely there. I was apprehensive that this would be too masculine for my liking but that’s not the case at all. This scent really jives with my skin chemistry. It’s hard to pick out the individual resinous notes like myrrh and oud because this is blended so well. It comes across as more of a smoky resinous blend behind the red musk and Dragon’s Blood. I think this is a great cold weather/evening scent. Although I don’t always follow the rules about wearing certain fragrances at certain times of the year, this scent is one that would definitely shine in the colder months for sure. I’ve been going through some samples that I’ve been resting and this one goes to the top for a FS purchase over both Black Mallow and Witch’s Cottage in that order. So far, this one is my new love.

  2. This has the same red musk as Monarch and it’s so gorgeous! The incense behind the musk is really intense. They blend together well and are held up by a woody base.

  3. Powdery musk oil that has soaked the floorboards of a new age shop. Sort of soapy on my skin, with a soft musk that’s still a bit powdery.

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