Grey’s Cabin

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Grey’s Cabin is sheltered in a quiet copse of woods, well provisioned from the heavy winter just beyond the door. A warm blast of smoke and embers greets you upon application, coupled with cedarwood, black musk and a mug filled to the brim with rich hot cocoa. A hint of freshly baked spice breads sits on the far edge of the blend along with a subtle hint of tobacco. Grey’s Cabin is a cozy fragrance to chase away the snowbound winter doldrums. Snuggle in front of the blazing fire on the comfiest couch with a Sherpa throw and an engrossing novel while sipping a creamy hot cocoa studded with marshmallows.

This blend contains many notes including: chocolate fragrance blend, cocoa absolute, cedar, black musk blend, aged patchouli, smoke, tobacco, copal bark and labdanum with a faint trace of spices and marshmallow. It is very woody, chocolatey, smokey and musky. Unisex leaning masculine.

Released: Woodland Collection

3 thoughts on “Grey’s Cabin”

  1. Lovely hot chocolate smell!! This is soooo comforting, it made me sleepy while I was at work. A good one to wear to sleep or when just relaxing like reading by the fireplace or something. So cosy

  2. Chocolate and … this one is super hard to describe but like cocoa and warm wood. It’s pretty unique- the chocolate was an unexpected hit. I bought FS after trying a sample.

  3. A weird plastic cocoa on top of a creamy and woodsy accord. The chocolate here just doesn’t agree with me, either OOB or on skin. Pinyon Truffle uses the same cocoa and it doesn’t smell artificial, but in Grey’s Cabin it tootsie rolls and plastic.

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