Jack & The Devil

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Jack & The Devil is part trick, part treat and all autumn delight. A blend of sugared golden pumpkin, spices, oakmoss, sweet vanilla, aged patchouli essential oil and dried brown tobacco leaf (absolute).

On cold sniff and initial application, the earthy patchouli is completely smoothed out by a generous heap of sweet and delicious vanilla and pumpkin. A sharp green refreshing note of the most gorgeous oakmoss absolute wraps these notes up tight and mingles perfectly with the softest autumn spice blend. Tobacco leaf serves to enrich the dank earthiness of the patchouli. The entire composition is cocooned in a golden amber.

The dry down is that of the most decadent ambered patchouli and spice. The other components of the lend an incredibly subdued incensey (dry incense, not incense smoke) component to the vanilla and amber combo.This blend does tend to lean towards a relatively sweet end of the spectrum, though it starts off with more earthy components. Fans of Conjure will likely enjoy the dry down of Jack & The Devil.

4 thoughts on “Jack & The Devil”

  1. Spiced pumpkin, vanilla, and a bit of patchouli. This is like a dark, grown up pumpkin-centric gourmand, and it’s really nice.

  2. Unisex but sweeter than I expected. Earthy tobacco, oakmoss and patchouli with sweet spices and vegetal pumpkin. It’s a very ‘warm’ ambery scent, good for lovers of pumpkin who don’t necessarily want a ‘pumpkin spice’ feel. The pumpkin, tobacco and spice are most prominent to my nose, with a ‘feel’ of golden amber rounding it all out. Moderate throw, 7+hr longevity.

  3. I would describe this as Pumpkin and patchoulli with a woody-earthy-powdery background. It kind of makes me think of a pumpkin latte mixed into earthy-bark chips. It’s very strong and long lasting. It’s definitely more of a masculine scent but I feel like none of the men I know would ever like and wear this. My own boyfriend is not a fan of it and asked what smelt like poop when I decided to give it a go after a long time of not trying it (lol?). This is a unique perfume on one other hand and I like the pumpkin note but do not feel like the patchouli and other ingredients blend well together.

  4. Earthy baked pumpkin, dirt, and oakmoss make up an almost bitter gourd-heavy heart to this perfume while dry incense tops it and a heavy golden amber makes an almost syrupy base. It’s complex, perfect for fall, and unisex leaning masculine. Good throw and longevity.

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