Night Star

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Ceremonial resins, patchouli, cold and spicy nutmeg, warm sandalwood and a touch of lemon, orange and clove meld together to create a dark, dry, resinous, earthy and spicy aroma.

Cold sniff and initial application features a marriage of frankincense and nutmeg essential oils hovering above grounding, earthy patchouli essential oil.  The nutmeg is divine, authentic and spicy and adds a chilly and festive mood to the blend.  As the nutmeg and frankincense subside, the dry myrrh essential oil comes forward with a very light lemon note.  All of the notes combine to form a dry down which is primarily patchouli with resinous myrrh, a whisper of citrus and woods and a delicate bit of spices.

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