Old Havana

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Old Havana is an exquisite, sophisticated and elegantly refined tobacco scent with all of the nuances of the highest quality handmade premium cigars, carefully aged and stored at optimum temperature in a Spanish cedar lined humidor. This fragrance illustrates the wrapper, tobacco within and wooden cigar storage box. Old Havana also features warm spices, a delicate squeeze of fresh lime top note and a splash of salty sea spray and moist beach sand. The lime is very subtle and detectable upon cold sniff and initial application. Beyond the opening, the smooth tobacco, soft woods, spice and sea spray swirl in an intensely beautiful, mysterious and realistic fragrance. Transport yourself.

1 thought on “Old Havana”

  1. It smells like a classic men’s cologne, which really shouldn’t be surprising considering the notes. It’s heavy on the tobacco and bay rum. I don’t get any sea spray, though I can pick up the lime twist and a bit of cedar.

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