2 thoughts on “Parlor Trick”

  1. I love Parlor Trick! Not only does it morph on the same person over time but it’s different on each person. I don’t get much wax or smoke, whatever is there is very light and filmy and nothing like the acridity of a plastic birthday candle nor the chewy honeyed sweetness of beeswax candles. The paper note is only an impression from the combination of musk and vanilla. The spices evaporated pretty quickly but Manor is definitely present except very much more sophisticated. The (tea) rose because it’s very prominent on me, though for once I don’t mind as it doesn’t overpower the vanilla and musk but blends with it very pleasingly. PT is like the ghost of a woman’s perfume, like the lingering scent left behind by a Victorian lady on a love note or in the rooms of the manor. Very classic feminine-leaning French perfumery but with a Victorian/ Gothic twist. If you loved Manor, Conjure/ Conjure Dark or the floral vanilla notes of Lace Draped Spectre/ Spirit Tree you might love this one, bearing in mind that skin chemistry will play a large role here.

  2. This one is a like and not a love for me. I can pick out the wax, paper, woods, Manor and the glossy white smoke but for the most part the notes blend well enough that it’s hard to pick them out unless you know what you’re looking for. As someone who amps rose I really appreciate that the rose is indeed faint and stays in the background. I’m unsure what bone musk is supposed to smell like. The white wax and glossy white smoke in this smells akin to freshly extinguished birthday candles.

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