Quiet Night

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Quiet Night is a wonderfully calming perfume of Lavender & Roman Chamomile Essential Oils in rice bran oil. This blend is primarily for aromatherapy purposes as opposed to a long-lasting perfume. In Aromatherapy, Lavender and Chamomile are both traditionally used to combat insomnia. Lavender’s strong, herbaceous and slightly floral aroma marries with a soft background of Roman Chamomile’s sweetish, warm-herbaceous and faintly apple like fragrance, whisking you away under the cloak of night to be free to dream and sleep peacefully. Lavender is also indicated for headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety, so you may enjoy carrying this perfume with you throughout the day should you need a lifeline to help combat the start of a headache or nervous tension. Dry down for this fragrance is very soft and subtle and does not have the staying power of synthetic perfumes. This fragrance starts off with a strong burst and calms down to a mild blend after only a few minutes

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