Rose Mallow Cream

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

This fragrance smells like candied rose petals! On initial application, the rose and strawberry notes are apparent though well wrapped in a healthy dose of marshmallow goo. This is sweet, sexy candy. Only natural Moroccan and Bulgarian rose absolute is used in this blend, no synthetic rose notes. The rose is apparent for approximately an hour but this scent gets sweeter and leans more toward the marshmallow and white chocolate with a delicate hint of white musk the longer it wears. Though this fragrance is highly concentrated, Rose Mallow Cream dries down to a sensual sweet scent that hugs closer to the skin and does not have strong sillage. You may find that its soft and sweet dry down is a good option for work places that don’t allow strong scents. Liberal application is recommended for best results. Rose Mallow Cream is a wonderful personal scent for you or a very close partner looking for a little rose-mance…

11 thoughts on “Rose Mallow Cream”

  1. Opens with nothing but roses and musk, dries down to a weird powdery, faintly vanilla synthetic rose. Not gourmand at all and definitely way too powdery for me.

  2. I agree with Angela’s description saying this “smells like candied rose petals”. I really amp the rose in this perfume oil for about the first 60 to 90 minutes. That’s normal for me as I amp all things rose. This is a mix of 80% rose and 20% white chocolate until the rose settles down. Around the 90 minute mark is when I start to smell something like a vanilla musk coming through. It must be a mix of the marshmallow and the white musk. I wish I got more of the white chocolate or the actual marshmallow goo instead of the vanilla. I like to tamp down the rose in this by wearing a vanilla or cake scented lotion or mixing RMC with other perfume oils with sweet vanilla notes. This is one of few rose scents that I can handle although I sometimes have to tweak things a bit.

  3. One of my favorite indie scents ever. It’s a smooth, sweet rose petals scent that is so creamy and feminine. It is quite light and non-offensive. I can’t wait to get a full sized bottle!!

  4. I liked but didn’t love this. It’s a candied, jammy rose on a pillowy vanilla. The rose, followed by the vanilla, are definitely the most prominent with the strawberry enriching the jamminess of the rose note. The vanilla smells fluffy and ‘white’ to me rather than being more decadent/rich, though it does have a creaminess to it. As someone who isn’t a fan of gourmands, I found this wearable. Over time, the rose note fades slightly and it becomes more 50:50 rose:creamy vanilla. Moderate throw, surprisingly decent longevity (6+ hours).

  5. Beautiful rose scent- Smells exactly like the Lush product “Ro’s Argan”, Creamy.. jammy rose.. sweet and syrupy.
    Delicate, elegant and very girly.

  6. An absolutely gorgeous and ultra-feminine floral/gourmand hybrid. On first application, it’s all rose. Very realistic but not too sharp. After the first half hour or so, it settles down into something soft and creamy and sweet, with the rose lingering gently in the background. It wears close to the skin but lasts for hours. This was an immediate upgrade to full size buy.

  7. Very sweet without being cloying or sickly. It’s pink without seeming better suited for a child. It smells delicious and edible, like a gourmet, artisanal rose marshmallow. One of my top three perfumes, and I got into the indie game thinking I wanted to smell dark and witchy.

  8. Sweet sugared rose petals on top of a rich thick strawberry cream. The strawberry is “sexy” enough that it keeps this perfume from pulling completely girlish on me. It’s very rich and creamy (white chocolate + marshmallow) and has great throw + longevity.

  9. Rose Mallow Cream is a fluffy marshmallow rose scent. The first hours it’s really more a strong rose one (with honey-like notes from the Bulgarian rose but you have to know/love your roses to be aware of it; Moroccan is a tiny bit darker/spicier) upon a sweet fluffy cloud of marshmallows and chocolate. The roses start to fade afterwards, but still being noticeable, to give stage to the marshmallows and the white chocolate.

    It’s really sweet and you have to love roses and sweet, gourmand notes for this. But it’s not an attention grabbing scent unless you are really close to someone because it stays close to the skin. Very feminine as well. So far I just got positive feedback upon it (but I’m like “SMELL ME!” to friends, haha). Average sillage and after 8h at work I can still smell it a bit.

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