Scrying Smoke

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Scrying Smoke is an all natural blend focusing on the scent of raw frankincense tears melting over charcoal or in a resin and wood warmer. It contains a variety of frankincense oils, sweet delicate frankincense smoke, sandalwood, vetiver, rosewood, yellow mandarin, labdanum, petitgrain, cedar, tonka, hinoki wood and more. The supporting notes act as a pedestal for the sacred frankincense accord. This is a perfume for resin lovers. It is dark, reverent, sacred, meditative, calming, protective, mysterious, offertory, uplifting, grounding and ritualistic. The resin is warm and diffusive, evocative of the thurible smoke at Catholic service. This is not a single note frankincense essential oil; it is so much more. Scrying Smoke captures the scent of the bubbling, melting Hojary frankincense tears. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in spiritual practice. It is an excellent aid for scrying and meditation.

3 thoughts on “Scrying Smoke”

  1. Definitely on the delicate side. Frankincense & sandalwood.. smidge of mandarin and tonka. This is incense blend is very easy to wear.

  2. I find Scrying Smoke to be the lightest of all the Solstice Scents church type scents. Basilica and Minister are similar but sharper. Scrying Smoke is smooth frankincense and the smell of a match just blown out.

  3. If you love frankincense this is for you. Like the description says the other notes just round it out. This is a beautifully smooth and rich frankincense, very grounding and meditative, I love to use to calm down and get myself ready for sleep, or as a stress reliever.

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