Smokewood Apiary

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Smokewood Apiary & Bee Co. produces a variety of honey and beeswax products. They offer pure filtered honey, delicious creamed honey, ginger honey, vanilla bean honey, beeswax tapers and votives, bee pollen and their unique and special artisan smoked honey, which is only available during the Autumn Festival season. This fragrance seeks to capture a variety of honeyed notes from the pure honey to creamed honey to warm beeswax to the special smoked honey. It also contains wood notes to represent the wooden frames of the hive, a variety of smoke notes for not only the smoked honey but also the chimney smoke carried on the wind, ginger from the spicy ginger honey and vanilla from the vanilla bean infused honey. Smokewood Apiary features a variety of golden ambers that ground the blend to prevent it from leaning too cloyingly sweet.

This fragrance is a very smoky, woody honeyed amber blend that has a similar character to our Conjure fragrance due to the sweet, smoky, woody, spice and amber notes used in both fragrances. It is best enjoyed on a cold day where smoky fragrances shine best. The cold air carries the smoke notes around you in a way that is not possible in mild climes. Smokewood Apiary is a unisex fragrance.

Released: Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival


14 thoughts on “Smokewood Apiary”

  1. On my skin the wood notes come to the forefront with a slight honey smell in the background. After about an hour it does a complete 180 and is very honey forward with a slight smokiness in the background. I cannot detect any of the other notes on my skin. I wish more of the notes were prominent on me. This seems to wear very close to my skin once the wood notes mellow but, the honey smell lasts for several hours on me. It’s a bit too simple for my liking (honey and smoked wood) but it’s a VERY realistic honey smell indeed.

  2. I get creamy, vanilla honey.. with a touch of ginger and a hint of smokiness for depth. Very easy scent to wear.

  3. Gods I love this. The truest honey scent I own. It smells like a jar of high class honey if that even makes sense. I don’t get much smoke from it but there is a hint. Enough to give it a little kick.

  4. Beautiful honey, chewy beeswax, a touch of ginger, and a little wood. The smoke is very, very faint on me. Just what I was looking for!

  5. Creamy, powdery honey and beeswax and vanilla… soft wood like pine with a hint of ginger in the background. I don’t smell a lot of smoke (just powder? from the honey) but it’s a wonderful combination. The best honey perfume I’ve tried thus far.

  6. I really love this smell! It’s this deep honey smell, with an undertone of smoke and wood. So stunning, my favorite perfume for SS ever. It lasts all day too, amazing for winter. A bit overpowering, however all you need to fix that is just apply less.

  7. It’s definitely a creamy honey with both powdery and medicinal hints, with some ashy charred notes from the smoke and a deep woodiness surrounding. It also has the dusty fuzzy almost chewy quality of beeswax, a touch of ginger to add a little bite, and some vanilla to round things out. I also feel like I get some wildflower honey notes deep in there.

  8. I think honey just doesn’t work on me. It went cloyingly sweet. My boyfriend remarked that it smelled like a urinal cake (without any urine) when I tested it out. A friend tried it and it was very pleasant on her, so I think this one is very dependent upon your skin chemistry.

  9. I mostly get a musky kind of honey mixed with ginger. It’s sweet and spicy. Maybe a little too gourmand/sweet for me. I was hoping for more smoke and wood notes.

  10. Fragrant smoke tempered by sweet, creamy honey. I particularly enjoy this in the winter because it’s such a warm, enveloping scent. The smoke really blooms in cold winter air. It has high sillage and good longevity (~8hrs) on me.

  11. Golden and white honey, spicy fresh ginger, beeswax, spiced smoke, and dry dusty wooden frames. This one is complex, lasts ages, and does best in the summer heat. In winter the honey is the strongest, but in summer I get that lovely ginger smoke and wood in spades. It feels a lot like a barn that has finally been opened for the summer, only for the farmer to find out it’s been taken over by bees he has to smoke out.

  12. A perfectly balanced blend of mellow smoke and creamy honey. I’m not usually a fan of smoke notes, but in this blend the smoke does not come off too acrid and does not overpower the more delicate beeswax and dark honey notes in the slightest. It’s definitely a fall/winter scent, and it’s a nice change from the typical array of yankee-candle pumpkin spice candles normally offered for the season.

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