Snowmint Mallow

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Peppermint, Vanilla Cake, Flaked Coconut, Sugar Cookies & Marshmallow Creme

Snowmint Mallow is subtle yet sweet and cakey blend featuring cool creamy peppermint, vanilla cake, white flaked coconut, fresh baked cookies and a dollop of marshmallow creme.  On cold sniff and initial application, each of the notes are detectable with the peppermint floating on the top.  The peppermint is a top note and therefore its presence is short lived.  Snowmint Mallow quickly evolves into a gourmand delight of mouthwatering fluffy vanilla cake, sugar cookies, coconut and mallow.  Past initial application, Snowmint Mallow snuggles in close to the skin.  Whiffs of coconut, cookies and cake will be had occasionally but since this fragrance wears closer in your aura, it makes for a perfect subtle sweet scent for the workplace or for when you’d like to smell good but not too heavy.  It also makes for a really cozy and comforting fragrance to wear just before bed. This heavenly fluffy foody fragrance is especially recommended to those who love cake and cookie scents.

8 thoughts on “Snowmint Mallow”

  1. Wow, this disappeared on me within about 90 minutes. It started off very peppermint forward on me but mellowed quickly. Unfortunately the coconut note in this one amped a strange plastic note that ruined the overall scent on me. This is work appropriate in my opinion because it wears so close to the skin.

  2. I finally was able to try this thanks to December revisiting yet again. It’s perfect, delicate and sweet while also cool due to the mint.. It’s like coconut sugar-doodles with a tinge of peppermint! Very feminine and creamy. The peppermint and coconut is an amazing combination. Definitely a sweeter gourmet perfume. Not overwhelmingly strong (wears closer to the skin) – but long lasting.

  3. I usually hate coconut but it wasn’t so bad here. The vanilla is A+, sweet and a bit creamy but not SO gourmand it leaves you with a toothache. A very ’round’ sugared peppermint helps to take the intense edge off that cookie note by adding a bit of chilliness. I think it’s a really nice take on vanilla-mint and as a gourmand-hater, I could get into this. 4-5hr longevity, medium throw. Mint dies off first.

  4. It’s straight-forward and sweet but not overly so. It’s a very cozy and comforting gourmand, with a realistic soft sugar cookie note, sweet foody peppermint, and some luscious vanilla-coconut. The scent overall smells cold and refreshing but it leaves you feeling warm and cozy.

  5. This is really beautiful – Light a sweet, coconut cake with a tiny bit of sugared mint. It’s got a little bit of coldness and depth that keeps it from being just a cake smell. Definitely a delicious fragrance.

  6. A blast on minty white cake upon opening, and then rich white cake with coconut flakes throughout the remainder. It doesn’t have a lot of throw or longevity, but god it’s delicious.

  7. Snowmint Mallow is the first sample I have ever finished! It does give off the impression of fluffiness. This scent is cozy, sweet, and the peppermint makes it clear. It doesn’t last too long on my skin-maybe 4 or 5 hours- but it layers nicely with almost everything. I like that with this perfume I can switch to another scent halfway through the day. I am definitely going to buy a full size.

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