After the Rain

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: After the Rain is a natural perfume in organic cane sugar alcohol featuring notes of lilac, purple wisteria, blue lotus absolute, rain, new green leaves, wild violets, soil, clary sage and more. After the Rain is a lilac-heavy fragrance with green and petrichor top notes. This perfume celebrates the eruption of blooms that occur after the spring rains. It is a cool-tone purple floral with delicate rain drops clinging to the velvet petals and lush green leaves. The rain accord comes through as the scent of rain left after the storm has passed, rather than the strong eruption of petrichor that explodes as soon as the rain begins to fall. It is a cool, wet, misty impression that hovers around the bold lilac, wisteria and peaceful blue lotus absolute. The wild violets are subtle and meld with the bolder floral notes rather than standing our like in our violet focused perfumes. The green elements are carefully restrained and primarily detectable along with the rain top notes upon initial application. After the Rain feels romantic, Victorian, haunting, mysterious and elegant. It conjures visions of being in the English countryside in a stone cottage covered in wisteria vines. The leaded glass window has been left open to allow the cool rain-tinged air and the scent of florals and greenery to waft in. A touch of cool wet earth remains into the dry down, just behind the flowers.

Released: Spring Collection

3 thoughts on “After the Rain”

  1. It smells like wet earth with a hint of flowers in the bottle. On the skin it’s just … wet dirt? After drying a bit, it suddenly smells rather oriental as if the perfume contains oudh with a hint of wet earth. I suppose that my skin chemistry and the perfume don’t like each other at all.

  2. Powdery and lightly floral, reminded me of baby powder- I didn’t feel like I was able to pick out many notes and the perfume dissipated rather quickly on me. I received this as a sample when I first started trying more Solstice scents perfumes. Nothing remarkable in my opinion.

  3. Bitter wet greens! The scent of bitter wet greens is SO STRONG in this one. The only floral I can really pick out is lilac, though it is oddly…not at all sweet. It’s almost like eating lilac – a little soapy and bitter. I can appreciate the blend of this perfume but I honestly hate it.

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