Estate Vetiver

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: This perfume is for vetiver and patchouli lovers. Loads of organic vetiver from Haiti, a touch of vetiver from Sri Lanka, a heavy dose of smooth aged patchouli, sustainably harvested sandalwood EO with a top note of tobacco leaf and a very light touch of lime peel all atop of our house vanilla, Estate Vanilla. This primarily natural base-note-heavy perfume is perfect for those looking for a dirty vanilla and who love vetiver. On initial application, the tobacco leaf is present and slightly dank but does not last long before it gives way to an explosion of sweetened vetiver and patchouli.

Released: Spring Collection

1 thought on “Estate Vetiver”

  1. underwhelming – a little vanilla on top, i get a little something darker underneath, surprisingly mild

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