Gin Flower

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Gin Flower is a delicious natural perfume in organic cane sugar alcohol. This is based off a gin and St. Germain elderflower liqueur cocktail and is the first in a series of cocktail perfumes. Elderflower liqueur tastes like nectar. It is a sweet liqueur with notes of pear, apricot and honey. Gin Flower is sweet, lightly fruity, fizzy and zesty scent with loads of osmanthus flower absolute. Osmanthus, also known as tea olive, has a strong apricot-like note. It is more fruity than floral and also has the faintest leather note to it. Osmanthus and apricot are the strongest mid to base notes along with a large dose of vanilla and subtle traces of organic Hawaiian sandalwood. The top notes are juniper berries, which give gin it’s distinctive flavor, lime zest and juice and citron. Gin Flower also contains a special elderflower accord made with tons of elderflower CO2, pear, manuka honey accord (vegan) and apricot. On initial application, you will smell a burst of a gin and tonic due to the juniper, lime and citron notes. These are short lived top notes that give way to the generous saturation of osmanthus, vanilla and elderflower. Gin Flower develops quickly and becomes fairly linear but retains a slight zest along with the sweet and fruity apricot/osmanthus. The combo is mouthwatering and uplifting. As a natural perfume, longevity is a bit shorter than our mixed media or synthetic perfumes. After the initial opening, the perfume will wear a bit closer to the skin with a more intimate throw. It does last for several hours and it does waft from the skin. It will continue to get stronger as it ages in the bottle so the scent will be even more concentrated/strong months from now. For best results, apply very generously with a few layers (apply, let dry, apply more to the same spot. Do this a few times) and it will last surprisingly long for a natural! The performance is even better on clothing when sprayed in a layered format in the same spot.

Released: Spring Collection

2 thoughts on “Gin Flower”

  1. First off, smells like gin! I used to drink this, but I don’t really want to smell like it haha. It’s vaguely fruity and floral now, but it’s also… sweaty? Maybe it’s the lime that’s doing this to me. It goes a little sharp, a little medicinal? (Maybe I can only smell the carrier alcohol.) It smells a little like sandalwood, a little woodier than other sandalwoods. I’m actually getting the honey this time! It’s very faint. The fruits have started to come out a little more, turning this into a honeyed fruity floral.

  2. The first sniff you get of Gin Flower is dead-on sweetened gin with a bit of lime. After application, the lime really fades into the background and the rich manuka honey (dark floral honey) makes its way to the foreground with a golden vanilla similar to Manor. The dry elderflower note sortof comes in and out throughout wear. In the end, you’re left with a fruity honeyed sandalwood with a smidge of gin.

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