Mountain Vanilla

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Inspired by the scent of budding spring in the meadows of the Appalachian mountains, Mountain Vanilla is a coumarin-heavy scent with vanilla and light green elements. The spring air smells strongly of coumarin, specifically the scent of wild sweet clover (the white flowers pictured), along with a cool morning dew and light green notes. It also carries a scent reminiscent of carrot flowers. Mountain Vanilla focuses heavily on coumarin rich notes such as sweet clover absolute, deerstongue and Bulgarian Lavender absolute (used lightly. This is not a lavender perfume) paired with vanillic Chinese Silk vine, vanilla, vanilla musk, poplar bud absolute, tonka and elderflower (elderflower smells like a heavenly nectar of fruit and Manuka honey. It’s not particularly floral, more of a nectar scent). Top notes include a green accord of shiso leaf, fern, green clover and bluegrass along with a trace of cool morning dew clinging to the green shoots. The dry down features primarily vanilla and coumarin. It’s a very sweet, creamy perfume with subtle green nuances.

Released: Spring Collection

5 thoughts on “Mountain Vanilla”

  1. Salad?! Very green. Definitely clover and fresh green. My brain is a bit overwhelmed and thinking about salad when I smell this. Then again, I’m not much into green scents.

  2. I haven’t really found many scents that smell like the drier parts of the Rocky Mountains but this one is definitely getting there! It’s sort of like “Sea of Gray” in that it has atmospherics side-by-side with the sweet gourmandy notes. Lots of vanilla musk. But mainly this is mostly a lot of coumarin in a way that reminds me of dry dirt and woods in the early morning.

  3. Fresh out of the mail this was a deep, dark, bitter green scent with a little vanilla for interest. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it so I set it aside for a month or two, and while most of the bitterness has calmed down the vanilla has completely taken over the scent. It wears on me like Estate Vanilla plus some foresty perfume that doesn’t blend with it at all, and it breaks my heart that it changed so much. I’d love to see this released in a formulation with less vanilla!

  4. Straight out of the bottle it smells like straight up baking vanilla extract, but I suspect that’s just the alcohol base. On the skin it turns into a really beautiful green vanilla- still mainly vanilla on me, but with the addition of a grassy note and some fresh cut hay. Totally intoxicating, I can’t stop smelling myself whenever I wear this one.

  5. This one is so beautiful, it smells like dawn on a country farm in early spring, when there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. All of the clover and grass and tiny wildflowers and hay are covered in shiny dew and the combined scents make for a gorgeous freshly green dewy slightly musky scent that is intoxicating. Kind of reminds me of how hayrides smell too, minus the horse. The vanilla sweetens everything up a touch to make it more dreamy, similar to how the vanilla in Sea of Grey works.

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