Violet Mallow

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Marshmallow Cream, Violet Flowers, Vanilla Bean, White Musk

Violet Mallow smells like sweet, creamy, slightly powdery and fresh violets. It is a timeless, classic and elegant scent. Sophisticated, yet soft and wearable with a vintage flair. This fragrance starts out with a stronger violet note upon initial application, though the sweet creamy marshmallow is there to soften it from being too dominant. The dry down is very fluffy and comforting and the violet remains in the background through most of the wear. The vanilla and white musk are subtle background notes. A very pretty and romantic fragrance.

8 thoughts on “Violet Mallow”

  1. Violet Mallow is my favorite perfume ever made. It is utterly haunting and nostalgic and loignant, as only violets can be. Once a fantastic reviewer on Fragrantica said it reminded her of being brushed by one of Sally Rand’s fan dance feathers, and I see that scene at the end of the Right Stuff, when Sally dances in the lights like an angel. The mallow is powdery but in a vintage, light way, like the Coty Airspun my grandma used (and I’d you ever smelled her, you would WANT to smell like a Grandma, believe me) or those Guerlain violet powder balls.

    When I spray Violet Mallow I seem to be on the edge of a dream. Feel free to skip because I am to just go rogue and be subjective and self indulgent now, I love this perfume so much. There is a woman in 1960’s Paris in a black raincoat and smudges eyeliner and Francoise Hardy’s Tous Les garcons et les filles playing in a cafe. Or this Violet Mallow woman could be in 1955, in a pale blue negligee in her Monmarte apartment, Violettes imperials playing on a record player. Or here she comes in 1895, a lover playing Satie in the next room. These women are a little broken hearted, a little romantically hopeful, and always a little bit happiest alone.

    Just completely herself.

  2. Stronger on the florals at first before becoming somewhat more gourmand. Deeper sniffs reveal the violet as powdery, spicy, and earthy floral undertones, but most of the scent wafting around is palpably sweet, creamy and vanillic. The drydown is similar to Orient Rose’s; vanilla musk with a spiced edge. Very classy for a supposed marshmallow scent.

  3. One of my favorite perfumes- violets and marshmallows.. it’s very delicate, creamy, soft with a violet tinge. It’s long lasting and strong enough even lasting to the next day. I love marshmallow scents and this is definitely one of best I’ve tried and own!

  4. Simple but elegant: sweet candied violets. The creamy mallow-vanilla underneath (not too gourmand, a little sugary) prevents the violet from leaning soapy or powdery. The vanilla is comparable to the one in Chiffon or Snowshoe Pass in terms of how balanced it is – not a gourmand sticky vanilla/caramel, not an abstract vanilla musk, but a creamy vanilla mallow. Moderate throw and 5hr longevity. Vanilla sticks around after violet leaf disappears.

  5. Marshmallows and violets. Soft, delicate, feminine. The marshmallow is so incredibly realistic! The violets are very floral, not soapy or anything. This is good

  6. Violet pulls soapy in the beginning, but calms down to wonderful sweet purple marshmallow and musk scent that is delicate and vintage. It seems like it would fit in in a movie starlets boudoir, despite its simplicity.

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