Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Rows of Christmas Trees, Clove Studded Oranges, Bayberry Tapers, Handcrafted Wreaths & Mistletoe

Winslow’s Christmas Tree Farm sits at the base of Mount Willow in the town of Foxcroft.  The annual winter crafts festival at Winslow’s offers handmade bayberry candles, rustic wreaths, orange pomanders and much more.  Meandering down the lane leading into Winslow’s, you pass rows upon rows of fragrant Christmas trees ready for harvest.

Winslow’s is the scent of winter.  Fir, woods, bayberry and mistletoe meld with spicy clove and blood orange essential oil and the result smells effectively like bottled winter.  Winslow’s contains fir absolute and essential oil, spruce EO, cedar, a touch of guaiacwood and a blend of several fragrance oils in addition to the bayberry, mistletoe, clove and blood orange. If you enjoy evergreen and/or woods scents make sure to try Winslow’s.  The combination of bayberry and clove gives the impression of a Victorian Christmas.  Unisex.

5 thoughts on “Winslow’s”

  1. This is indeed, Christmas in a bottle. This is the most realistic Christmas tree scent I have ever smelled. The clove oranges are also very realistic. It’s a great scent but I think I would like it better as a candle or on someone else. It’s a beautiful scent but I don’t want to wear it myself.

  2. The evergreen base is imho the same as in SS’s Outpost. Winslow’s is more interesting with the spicy oranges and bayberry.

  3. Christmas in a bottle! Winslow’s is spiced orange pomanders, bayberry, and fir. So much fir!! It’s a very green scent, lasts ages, and is honestly my favourite in the SS catalogue.

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