Winter Dove

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Vanilla Crystals, Spicy Carnation, Nutmeg, Cream

Winter Dove is a gourmand floral blend featuring vanilla crystals, fresh nutmeg and sweet cream sprinkled with spicy pink carnation petals. The scent is sweet, spicy, creamy and feminine. The vanilla, cream and nutmeg combine to give an impression of egg nog. Upon initial application, all notes are detectable. Winter Dove starts out with a blast of nutmeg and a clove-like spice from the carnation flowers, all of which is wrapped in a boozy vanilla bean blanket. The spices and vanilla liqueur note tame after a short time and the blend softens into a lovely creamy vanilla fragrance with traces of pink carnation and a hint of the nutmeg.

4 thoughts on “Winter Dove”

  1. I guess it’s my skin chemistry because all I get is a lovely earthy carnation smell. Zero vanilla, nutmeg and cream. Oddly the scent seems to come and go. Very similar to Possets Silver Carnations minus the silver musk. This is probably the most realistic carnation scent that I’ve come across thus far. Maybe a FS bottle would smell stronger than a sample vial? For example I found that the FS bottle of White Fox was much more intense than the sample vial that I first tried. I feel like, at least with this brand, I get more notes and lasting power from the FS bottles versus the sample vials. It could be that I’m a bit more liberal with a FS as opposed to hoarding a sample to try out around 2 or 3 times. I don’t know, so I’m just writing what my nose tells my brain. I’ll be getting a FS of this after I finish either Silver Carnations or Autumn (Vivaldi). Even though it’s pretty much a singular note on me, it is an absolutely stunning true carnation scent that can stand on it’s own.

  2. More London fog than eggnog to me; nutmeg is much subtler than the more oft used spices, and the lack of sharp edges allows it to blend in and impart a pleasantly bitter, caffeic aftertaste to the otherwise milky and occasionally peppery scent. The carnation note reads very green and earthy to me, like freshly cut grass with a single piquant bloom hidden somewhere in the dew. Dries down as the usual vanilla musk, but with a little more sugar and spice than usual.

  3. Primarily a milky carnation with a punch of nutmeg. Most of the spice exits this one within an hour, leaving behind a peppery milk scent with floral edges. I don’t really get “eggnog” from this.

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