4 thoughts on “King Moonracer”

  1. Like a chilly jasmine breeze runs through your face kinda type. Its just the teeniest amount of saltiness packed with a refreshing and consistent oceanic jasmine, great take on this note, I adore it!

  2. Oh gosh. This is a whole new kind of “jasmine tea” scent. A slightly indolic jasmine is the dominant note. Salty, stormy seawater. A tad soapy musk. Black tea – it doesn’t really seem like pu-erh to me. Moderate throw and longevity.

  3. The folks at Stereoplasm are absolute wizards who keep changing my mind on notes I’ve always disliked. I’ve always found jasmine cloying, but not King Moonracer! This is LOVELY. The jasmine is stronger at first, and then it chills out a bit. After some wear, I get a really pretty and subtle musk, with the jasmine hanging out in the background. I don’t know how to describe it, it smells like a long walk by the lake at night in crisp cool winter air.

  4. Upon first sniff, this is very floral. Same with when first applied and still wet. After it dried down it smelled much more oceanic. Sometimes aquatics can be headache inducing for me but this is a nice gritty ocean scent. The jasmine gives it a bit of a floral feel without being a floral scent. I like this.

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