2 thoughts on “His heart to Drink”

  1. This was really interesting. I agree with another reviewer – It somehow smells worn-in and faded despite being very strong. I get a lot of soft, woodsy musk, sharp cologne that smells warmed by skin, and a tinge of metal. I’d be really stretching to say that I get any distinctive blackberry… It’s in the background to give a hint of dimension and a hint of sour, but it’s certainly very dim. Overall, the blend is really interesting and well-done, though it’s probably not my style.

  2. I get the blackberries, musk, metal notes and and the “faded cologne”, which is weird because the whole scent somehow smells “faded” even before it’s dried down. It’s not that I can’t smell it, because it’s actually quite strong. Overall it’s a pretty sweet perfume-y scent, nice but not really my thing.

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