Red Dagger

Brand: Stereoplasm

Scent Description: Tomato leaf, red apple, cannabis, allspice, wet wood, dirt, metal

Released: Inked Club

1 thought on “Red Dagger”

  1. This is a refreshing, garden-y apple scent! It starts off like crisp red apple (with skin and all) the smell of herby foliage, moss-covered dirt and soft cannabis. The cannabis reminds me a lot of Possets’ Seascape (it’s definitely not skunky or sharp–in fact Red Dagger’s cannabis smells like soft little weed buds like in Seascape). I don’t get much metal, but this is definitely a woody red apple scent that my teenage self would be head-over-heels in love with.

    The only downside is how quickly it turns faint on my skin. It’s wafts around me for five minutes, and then it mellows down to the point that people only notice when they hug me. Nonetheless, this is a very interesting and moody scent (and for the cannabis, VERY wearable and work-friendly).

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