Brand: Stone & Wit

Scent Description: A sweet blend of jasmine and rum with dark under tones of cloves and patchouli.

Descriptors: floral, sweet, spices, booze

2 thoughts on “Etta”

  1. I find all of Stone and Wits scents non-gendered. Etta is no exception! I passed over this in my earlier sampling of this brand because it has jasmine in it (and Jasmin is often a death note for me).

    Opening is sweet and resinous with Lime and patchouli. It has Stone and Wit DNA, which I feel like I can pick out blind now. Etta opens brightly with a lot of citrus but that is soon shows it’s more resinous side with a mix of woods and light forals. I would have not guessed that the floral was jasmine.
    This lasted about 3 hours before I had to reapply. Wears close, becomes a skin scent at that 3 hour mark. I did reapply and it lasted a little longer the second time which tells me my skin must be drinking it up.

  2. Softer than clove & patchouli implies. A rather animalistic & musky Jasmine. Smells like a strong character and very unisex.

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