Black Goat

Brand: Strange Fire & Fumery

Scent Description:

Wouldst thou like the scent ov amber? Ov primeval oak? Wouldst thou like to smell deliciously?

Black Goat is an otherworldly blend of ancient oak forest, decadent black amber and a threatening note of musk. It is irresistible on-stick and gives a heady, dream-like room note that is well suited to all manner of indulgences and dark deeds.

A hedonistic marriage of earthy and sweet, burning Black Goat will leave them wondering, “What are you up to in there, and do you have room for one more?”

2 thoughts on “Black Goat”

  1. This is more of a stereotypically masc perfume on application. It smells very much like a spicy mid range cologne, but darker. It has a lot of complexity to it, but it doesn’t have much throw. Close up, a rich blend of spices and deep woodsy …gaminess and maybe black currant? It smells like charred bones and old spice. I liked it, but it is too gendered for me. It also didn’t last long…maybe about 3 hours on my wrists.

  2. I did not like this fragrance as a perfume, but as an incense I think I would love it! The first thought that entered my head upon applying was “this is like mulling spices, but really evil!” I would love for my room to smell like this all autumn long, just maybe not my body. I’m not intimidating enough to wear it.

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