2 thoughts on “Chocolate Stout”

  1. I was expecting just chocolate booze, but this has more than that. I don’t know what stout smells like specifically, but I’d say this is very warm and dry. It’s more of a cocoa than chocolate, and there is a fuzzy element that mixes with the allspice, which I initially thought was spiced orange. The flannel note makes perfect sense here. Sandalwood doesn’t stand out in particular – it’s lingering with the other notes to create a subdued scent that does feel a little bit warm and cozy.

  2. This is a deliciously chocolatey but not too too foody scent. The sandalwood and the allspice round out the chocolate/vanilla base nicely. I find this scent very comforting!

    On me, the scent stays close to the skin but it lasts a long time.

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