Goth as Fuck

Brand: Sucreabeille

Scent Description: A totally unapologetic haunted cathedral. Rich, dark resins, thick incense, beeswax candles, frankincense and myrrh. Cool stone floors and cloves, red musk and sassafras. Clary sage and wormwood. Guiac wood and patchouli, and a whisper of black jasmine.

2 thoughts on “Goth as Fuck”

  1. A lovely frankincense church incense with a little bit of supporting spices and jasmine florals. frankincense is one of my favorite smells but for me this one leans a little soapy/floral otherwise it would be perfect! For myself I like the strong, resinous, almost lemony frankincense resin supported by some earthy or woodsy notes without any florals or sweetness. A bit of a purist. Highly recommend Solstice Scrying Smoke for the scent of frankincense resin burning in a forest clearing.

  2. I think I am really sensitive to the patchouli smell and so this came out smelling like a head shop on me. Not my scent but I love the idea of this.

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