Lady Swears

Brand: Sucreabeille

Scent Description:

Do the pure evil do-ers of this world give you the sick sads? Say no more, we have the scent for you. Lady Swears is a mixture of bourbon and sweeter notes – so you can swear like a lady while plotting your sweet revenge with your favorite mixed beverage. This is the perfect scent to express yourself during your favorite podcast during a work meeting, in the car when someone cuts you off, or when someone tells you to “smile”.

Scent Notes: Bourbon, Tahitian Vanilla, Lemon

2 thoughts on “Lady Swears”

  1. Love this one. The transition from the initial notes of fresh lemon to vanilla sweet bourbon is so, so pleasant and this has become a go-to for work fragrance for me.

  2. I’m surprised at how good this is. It’s really lovely. At first application, the lemon is strong and fresh, like juice that has just been squeezed. Lemon settles down but remains at the forefront with a hint of vanilla as you sniff (though it smells more like a fresh, sliced lemon now instead of the juice). After several hours, the bourbon takes over the spotlight, and it becomes a warm, almost resinous blend of rich bourbon, some sweet vanilla, and the tiniest bit of fresh lemon in the background.

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