You’re in a Cult, Call your Dad

Brand: Sucreabeille

Scent Description:

Look, you have been through a lot. First your friend Karen is telling you about this wonderful resort out in Florida (it’s always Florida) and next thing you know you’re in a white robe praying to an Elvis look-a-like. Now you didn’t drink the Kool-Aid for too long and you did the right thing: You called your dad. This scent is as close as you can get to being back home after a mind melting experience: warm flannel pajamas, the old tree in your front yard, a cup of steaming black tea, and snickerdoodle cookies – a lot like having tea and cookies at home and never calling Karen again.

Scent notes: Flannel, Sedona trees, Bergamot tea, snickerdoodle cookies

3 thoughts on “You’re in a Cult, Call your Dad”

  1. I can see why people love this one so much. It’s a slightly outdoorsy, all-season comfy scent. Starts off with the cookies, the dries down to reveal the tea and the sedona. The flannel is dominant overall. Moderate throw, moderate longevity.

  2. This is such a beautifully executed, well-balanced scent. It surprised me that it smells somehow both EXPENSIVE and cozy. I get a fuzzy bergamot, which lends a warm fancy spa-like quality, and it rounds out with the snickerdoodles at the end. This is a testament to Sucreabeille’s exceptional skill in blending.

  3. I love this one! It’s mostly snickerdoodles at first then as it settles and dries you smell a clean flannel shirt and a faint hint of bergamot and wood.

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