Brand: Sucreabeille

He tugs on his long, scraggly beard with his free hand, smiling to himself, thinking of all the boys and girls on the naughty list who need to be taught a lesson. Nothing like some good ol’ corporeal punishment for minor misdeeds, right? He looks over at his companion, St. Nicholas, who gets to give toys to all the good children. Booooor-ing. La Pere Fouettard doesn’t have time for good children; he finds his joy in the punishment, with the whip in his hand and the empty cage on his back. Sure, it’s empty now, but with all the kids on the naughty list, it sure won’t be vacant for long. He smiles to himself. Being the bad guy is way, way more fun.

Scent notes: Bright oranges and vanillas with a playful splash of red rose

Released: Yule