Brand: Sugar and Spite

Scent Description: Delicate lilacs, sweet cream and mahogany wood.

2 thoughts on “Agatha”

  1. This starts off with a strong lilac presence, but once that calms down a bit on my skin, there’s a creamy sweetness that is tempered with the mahogany wood. I quite like it, but the lilac is very strong at first and prominent. Fortunately, I like lilac, and it reminds me of the lilac bush by the side of my childhood home. It’s a very true lilac scent, nothing soapy or synthetic about it.

  2. This is a gentle pleasant scent–floral without saying FLORAL, with a lovely clean base of cream and wood. The mahogany is smooth and warm, not acrid as woods sometimes are to me. It took a little while for me to identify the floral as lilac. This is definitely an simple, easy wearing, close to the skin fragrance that doesn’t smack passersby in the face. I really only get the three notes–there’s not a lot of weird stuff going on in the background. The fragrance is pretty stable with only a slight die off of the floral, and probably maxes out at 4-5 hours. If you love it (which is easy to do) you might like to carry the sturdy rollerball in your bag to reapply during the day.

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