Hist Sap

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

A hypnotic creation straight from the Hist tree itself – hallucinogenic banana, creamy walnut, psychedelic vanilla honey, frenzied cardamom, melted butter, sugary maple sap, mind-altering spiced teakwood, and a splash of bourbon. Hope you don’t do anything irrational after imbibing.

NOTES – banana, walnut, vanilla, honey, butter, cardamom, maple sugar, teakwood, bourbon

1 thought on “Hist Sap”

  1. It opens with a whiff of banana, but this swiftly fades into a nutty, woody honey to my nose. Great take on Sap! It’s lasting, and only a little foody. I really like it and will likely be getting a full size. Hopefully it will help me to feel connected to the Hist even in a land of bitter cold.

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