Jessica Day

Brand: The Little Book Eater

Scent Description: Vanilla Cupcake Strawberries Citrus & Pink Moscato

2 thoughts on “Jessica Day”

  1. This is decently strong – I can smell it on my arm next to me. The strawberries are very noticeable, along with the moscato, which was very sugary and seemed like cotton candy before I saw the notes. I can’t identify the citrus specifically, but it does smell like there is a little more than just strawberry up front. With the notes in front of me, I can see how it may read more as cotton candy – The moscato is bright and sugary, and the frosting has a scalded, whipped quality that must have tricked my brain. Either way, I really like it!

  2. In the vial I get the vanilla cake and the sparkling pink moscoto. On skin I smell the pink moscoto the most with some strawberry and the cake rounds the smell out. A very pink scent and the pink moscoto feels a bit fizzy. I think if I could smell more of the cake and strawberries it would be very jess day.

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