Midnight Oil

Brand: The Little Book Eater

Scent Description: Fresh Coffee Bergamot Tea & Golden Amber

2 thoughts on “Midnight Oil”

  1. I travel a lot, internationally and to some of the most unique places on earth, so fragrances very much remind me of where and when.

    This scent smells very, very much to me of a combination of unbrewed coffee, ie, when you first open the container and take a strong whiff of what’s inside, and baby shampoo, with a very slight powdery edge. [Forgive me, I know nothing of prefume terms].

    I like to apply scents before I go to bed, I find that whatever scent I wear usually gives me dreams pertaining to the notes in the scent. This scent makes me have realistic and perplexing dreams, and a deep sleep.

    Ocassioinally I layer Midnight Oil with 221B Baker Street (an exceptional fragrance!) and then pat dry with isopropyl alcohol–I find that makes oil-based scents last longer on me–and all I can say is, wow!

  2. Coffee and bergamot is a pretty combination and makes this feel like a nice coffee shop scent. To my nose, the coffee smells realistic. The amber adds some sweetness and warmth without making things too sweet. I really enjoy this while wet. However, as it dries, the coffee fades and this becomes more of a faint, perfumey bergamot on my skin. Layering this with something else seems to help, but overall this seems to be a fleeting scent with my skin chemistry.

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