The Road Goes Ever On

Brand: The Little Book Eater

Scent Description: Tobacco Leaf and Apple

1 thought on “The Road Goes Ever On”

  1. I just got a three sample pack from TLBE and this is, definitely, a new fav for me. At first, and in the bottle, it smells sort of like a craft store in winter. I don’t mean that in a bad way! It’s all cinnamon apple and sweet (there’s no cinnamon in it btw! It’s just that the tobacco mixes with the apple and gives it almost a little spice if that makes sense). Then, after it’s been on my skin a while longer there’s more apple. Later on I can smell the tobacco in it and I love every single stage of this.

    At first I was thinking I’d want this just for a holiday scent, but the more I wear it the more I love it.

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