Wuthering Heights

Brand: The Little Book Eater

Scent Description: Black Chamomile Wild Lily Lavender Fern & Juniper

1 thought on “Wuthering Heights”

  1. I’m surprised by how little lavender I get from this (yay!). It’s sort of there in the bottle, but I really can’t pick out any one thing, lavender included. It’s just amorphous sweet herbal, and it’s so good! I’m excited now. On my skin, I get a healthy dose of vanilla backed by tonka. Tonka always gives me an impression of intense depth particularly when paired with vanilla, like the two belong together. Excellent addition. The delicate musks are fabulous here too, adding a solid grounding effect, marrying the scent to my skin. I can start to pick up tea after it settles, and I really enjoy it. Tea makes me feel meditative, like if I sit quietly with it, I can solve anything. Plus, all the while, there’s a calming sachet of herbs coyly flirting with my senses, never quite becoming dominant. I’m pleasantly surprised! I like this much more than I ever expected. I would say it’s outside my normal tastes. I picked it up as a swap because it was one of the few I hadn’t tried yet. Glad I did because I’m smitten. Part of me is reminded of the way I felt about Calm the Fuck Down. Gorgeous vanilla + herbs. This one is more relaxation herbal for me, with the vanilla wrapped delicately around it. It also makes me feel distinctly feminine, which is neither good nor bad. I could see either of them being a great daily wear, in body oil or perfume. I’ve got to decide which I want to full-size because I need at least one in my life! Maybe both?

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