Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: The oldest buildings hide the saddest secrets. Peeling wallpaper, dusty cedar cabinets, pipe smoke, lavender, and wisteria.

4 thoughts on “Antebellum”

  1. Now known as “WINDSOR” on the site! I get actual dust and wallpaper, which seems a feat in and of itself. Wisps of smoke take a backseat to the florals. Lavender and wisteria have never been good to me and they’re too sharp and astringent here for my nose, but they soften in the dry down to become a little more delicate and femme. At times they threaten to go soapy, but never get that far. Altogether this is evocative of something once-elegant and now decrepit. I applaud the vibe this gives. Anyone who enjoys these kinds of florals with their atmosphere will dig this.

  2. I definitely got a lot of wisteria when it was wet, and it’s a very realistic wisteria. I was having strong flashbacks to walking under garden arbors full of purple hanging wisteria growing up. The drydown was kind of dusty and powdery, and not my favorite. I never got any of the cedar or pipe smoke.

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