Banshee’s Holler

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: You can’t sleep for the screeching at your window; she’s waiting on the other side. Moonflower, wilted carnations, white musk, birch bark, and decaying leaves.

3 thoughts on “Banshee’s Holler”

  1. Vaguely smoky? Dank leaves and undergrowth, spicy carnation musk. At first I thought I was getting the clean white musk as advertised but no, this is much deeper to my nose… Which is likely just the way it’s mixing with the woody bark and such. Smells like a sexy, outdoorsy ghost. Only a few minutes in that “smoky” scent ebbs away along with some of the pungency of the vegetation. I would whine about this except what’s left is beautiful – a little paler, softer, and more ethereal. More floral centric too. Generally a bit closer to what I expected reading the notes. Only downside is this gets a little too pale much sooner than I’d like. Sinks to a very light skin scent after about an hour. While still pleasant, doesn’t quite have the oomph it previously did. I don’t mind reapplying scents but this would be frequent.

  2. Huh. This one gives me unidentifiable Feelings. Lots of birch bark and foliage, kinda autumnal feeling. More than a little stanky. A little eerie. Like a rustic cabin in the woods surrounded by an overgrown flower garden.

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