Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Cracked earth, mandarin peel, marigold, pistachio, and willow leaf.

4 thoughts on “Begotten”

  1. Smells like wet dog! Even gets the hair grease scent right! That’s too damn bad because after ~30 minutes it actually smells nice: warm, a little nutty, vaguely good in a difficult to distinguish way, and no more dog. I just can’t disassociate wet dog at the start and that makes it tough to get a read on even after the dog has left.

  2. So…I live a street away from this Iranian patisserie, and this fragrance reminds me so much of that store! It begins smelling like dried fruit peels and finely-ground pistachios. After five minutes, I also get the marigolds which smells rather bright and tea-like (and I then get the cracked earth which is dry and reminds me of Violette Market’s old fragrances, but sadly no willow leaf). Definitely a spring-time scent that’s a hell of a mood-booster.

  3. At first, there is a bright, effervescent citrus that lasts about 30 minutes. It’s very noticeable and easy to smell from about a foot away. That fades to a nutty white-ish floral, which makes a ton of sense now as the pistachio and marigold.

  4. This one smelled a lot different than I imagined. It’s almost like flowers and fruits, slowly rotting on the ground. Sometimes I even catch a tiny whiff of the dampness. Maybe it’s the marigold note that’s going crazy on me.

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