1 thought on “Caught’Ye”

  1. Burnt sage is incredibly prominent, smelling singed and smoky. Altogether very herbal and fuzzy. The fruits are present but well hidden in the background, giving this a soft, plummy or deeply fruity base. Not sweet at all to me. Faintly floral in a way that compliments the greenery. Something in here prompts me to describe it as “herbal dust” but unsure if that’s due to the sage or another note. Fuzzy warmth spreads as this dries down and the fig shows its face a little more. After about 30 min the sage chills out enough to stop dominating. Soft, furry, herbal, lightly warm, and backed up by fig. A fresher kind of fig, not too thick and sweet and heady as I usually get. Can easily get a sense of warm cat fur after he’s been rolling around outside on a sunny day.

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