Concrete Angel

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Cypress, magnolia, water lily, potted fern, tulip, warm red dirt, and damp headstones.

7 thoughts on “Concrete Angel”

  1. Spiced green florals and dirt. I don’t know if “spiced” is the right word, but that’s what I’ve got – it’s somewhat peppery. Starts off a bit astringent but that burns off pretty quick. Very green with wet stone appearing after a few minutes. An atmospheric clean green scent. There’s a danger in this type going soapy but that isn’t happening on me this time, which is a nice surprise.

  2. Echoing the others – vaguely warm, sweet, very slightly aquatic, a little dirty. No longevity. (This house does not seem to work for my skin and nose, alas.)

  3. This is a really pretty scent, with a hint of dirt. It really needed a few weeks of rest. It doesn’t have much staying power

  4. Seriously gorgeous. This is a deep, watery, rich floral. The florals are immediately there along with something aquatic, I assume the water lily, but not a cheap, citrusy aquatic. Fresh wet flowers. The clay really comes out and grounds everything together so that it’s more than just a watery floral.

  5. Christmas in Eastern Australia. Gardenias, casaurina Christmas tree, the whole nine yards. For me, extraordinarily evocative. It wasn’t what I expected and doesn’t smell like the listed note to me but was way better. Epic projection and longevity

  6. This is hands-down my favorite floral. The magnolia is pretty strong, but overall it’s a pretty light, sharp fragrance, not heady or creamy like white florals can sometimes be. It’s gorgeously fresh, almost aquatic, held together with the notes of stone and red clay. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t last very long unless it’s in your hair or on your clothes.

  7. Oh, heck yes. This should be the official scent of the South, because it’s perfection. The magnolia is strong and sweet, but kept in check by the dirt/damp headstones. This smells exactly like a cemetery in Charleston– walking under giant live oak trees heavy with moss, looking at headstones from 300 years ago, all while smelling gorgeous flowers that were left on the graves.

    I will add, though, that this fragrance had NO lasting power until after 3 months. After letting it rest a while, it improved a lot!

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