Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Violet, bitter pomegranate seeds, marshmallow fluff, and frost.

3 thoughts on “Darling”

  1. Wow, I really love this marshmallow note. Never thought I’d say that about marshmallow, but this one is so musty and strange and I love it. (I think my love can mainly be attributed to my love of the smell of actual dust and musty old books.) Perhaps it’s the mallow+violet making this blend musty/dusty/powdery, or however it should be worded – Before The Drop has that combo as well. This is very like BTD but is a little simpler, a little sweeter, and extremely comforting. Dusty, fluffy, and light purple floral, and I do think the violet promotes that vibe further. There’s a greater depth in here I want to attribute to some kind of pale musk, but no such thing is listed so all I can do is shrug at that. Not particularly fruity; perhaps there’s a hint of pom but I can’t pick it out. No frost either, although the longer I wear this the more likely it seems there’s a tiny bit of chilly mint. Smells old fashioned and frilly, but not nearly as delicate as you might think. Sadly, my skin eats this one very quickly.

  2. New and aged: At over a year since purchase, I note only the subtlest change in the scent. This is one of the purest “Spring” scents I can imagine. Frost and violets are front and center. The marshmallow exists, but it’s way in the back. If you are at all sensitive violets, this is not the perfume for you. If you are looking for a bold floral with an indescribable twist, this is probably worth checking out.

    1. Several hours in: the florals have faded, sweetness from the marshmallow is coming through. It’s all far more balanced and really beautiful.

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