Dear Bones

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Three musks, plum incense, amber, Indian sandalwood, and fuzzy tonka bean.


3 thoughts on “Dear Bones”

  1. Thick incense, almost smoky, definitely musky but not heavily so – mid-range, I’d say, and clean; not very animalic. Background is indeed warm and fuzzy between amber, tonka, and sandalwood. Purple, musky incense and amber draped sandalwood – very witchy! Though not intrinsically animal-like, I’m picturing a warm cat tummy; a witch’s familiar if we’re staying on theme. Sillage and throw are way fainter than I expected and this sits very close to the skin. Aging gave this strength in that department, but unfortunately still it disappears very quickly on me 🙁

  2. This is one of my favorite scents I have! On me it’s mostly plum incense. The sandalwood just sort of lends to the incense smell and the musks, tonka, and amber just soften it and ground it. It smells just like burning plum and sandalwood incense!

  3. Different ambers work on me differently – some end up disgusting on my skin and some are really lovely. This was the case of the former unfortunately and Dear Bones was aaaall amber at first. Resting it for a few weeks helped, now I’m getting mostly plum incense, but the amber still gives it weird dusty background.

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