Devil at the Crossroads

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: It’s time to pay up. Twisted, charred oak trees and snapped pines, leather, pimento, mandarin, dragon’s blood, brimstone, and bourbon.

4 thoughts on “Devil at the Crossroads”

  1. Strong woodsmoke with formidable throw. Reminds me of wood chips on a grill. Hoo boy, this one is an attention grabber. Was waiting for that to burn off but after like 40 min it’s still going strong. Under all that smoke and presumably brimstone I do get boozy bourbon, burnt wood, a hint of leather and spice. But the smoke is potent, yo. It drowns everything else out if my nose isn’t close to the source. I might smell like I’ve recently been on fire, and that in itself is actually fitting for the name, haha. Picturing Satan at the crossroads in a leather jacket, wearing sunglasses at night, smoke steaming off him. Somewhere over an hour later this is still prominently smoke but has eased up on smothering the other notes. Would be extremely sexy with the right skin chemistry or any member of a biker gang who wants a bad boy bonfire smell to match the look.

  2. Holy brimstone, Batman! That’s literally all I get from this scent, and my kids asked what was burning.

    Maybe cool for a layering note??

  3. When I put this on I instantly invisioned the Balrog from Fellowship of the Ring lol. In my head I could hear Gandalf saying ” the dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun!” So if being in this scene has always been your dream, this is the scent for you! Lol or if you like crazy smokey leather, fire and brimstone, and dragons blood 😀 What a lovely scent journey.

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