Fire in a Bottle

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Lemon balm, amber, vanilla, and distant campfire smoke.

5 thoughts on “Fire in a Bottle”

  1. I’m an amber hater (ironically) but couldn’t particularly pick it out of the blend. Lemony, comforting, and very warm. As with most other oil perfumes, throw is non existent so apply on your neck if you actually want to smell it on yourself.

  2. Warm, sweet, and quite lemony. Smoke keeps to the background and actually feels distant. Uncomplicated and so, so lovely. Gets even prettier as it wears. Over time the smoke gets a little more prominent, as if we stepped a bit closer to the campfire.

  3. This is such a good smell. I love it so much. Unfortunately it lasts maybe an hour and is pretty low throw. I’m hoping it gets stronger after resting a few months

  4. Bright and vibrant lemongrass (one of my favorite notes!) It’s like Jennifer read my mind while selecting my sample. I didn’t even read the description, lol, just put it on and wow…what a wonderful surprise. Mellows to warm Amber lemon grass, very fresh and uplifting. Gorgeous scent. Medium longevity. Full bottle worthy come next spring. Really is like “lightening in a bottle”! Her scents take you to time and place.

  5. This is a completely identical smell to the taste of certain herbal candy I once ate too much of and now I can’t stand. And it’s pretty strong and zesty too! I’m not getting the amber (thankfully) or the smoke (unfortunately).

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