Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Moss, recently disturbed soil, mahogany, citronella, strong black coffee, and the breath of the beast.

3 thoughts on “Gravedigger”

  1. Fresh out of the bottle this is CITRONELLA like damn. Eventually other notes start cropping up, and I get soil + mahogany and maybe a hint of coffee? But otherwise it just kinda stays strong citronella forever.

  2. Dusty woody citronella pretty much. Very comfy and soft. Has less of an initial punch, but it clings to my skin for hours.

  3. The start was mostly a really nice citronella, which calmed down after a couple minutes, leaving a really nice unisex mossy, dirty, woody scent. I don’t get any coffee out of it, but maybe that’s just my inexperienced nose. I really like it- on me it’s kind of a my-skin-but-better.

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