Je Veux Mon Livre

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description:

“Hello. I want my book. Bonjour! Je veux mon livre.”

Tea leaves and sage pressed between the ancient pages of a leather-bound grimoire.

4 thoughts on “Je Veux Mon Livre”

  1. Book/library perfumes tend to smell samey and blah to me. This isn’t much different with it’s paper and leather combo (a newer leather when I expected dry, aged leather), but the tea and sage add a little more personality. The sage especially smells real good in this and makes it a bit witchier. Would have liked something else to further punch the scent up and separate it from the pack, though.

  2. My very, very favorite “book scent”, and I’ve tried lots. I can pick out the tea and leather notes of I really try, but mostly it blends together into a lovely, light, old book smell. <3

  3. In the bottle this one smells like tea and old books, which is lovely, but it unfortunately turns soapy on my skin (skin chemistry 😢). After about 5 hours of wear that scent from out of the bottle appeared and it is light and pleasant.

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