Little Children

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description:

“Come, little children, the time’s come to play
Here in my garden of magic.”

Spilled pails of candy corn, caramel apples, night air, and graveyard dirt.

2 thoughts on “Little Children”

  1. Sugary candy and caramel. The candy bit is actually pretty close to candy corn at first, which is cool, and the apple is subtle (we’ll say that’s because it’s buried under thick caramel). Also reminded of that bright red melted sugar coating that candied apples have. Graveyard dirt gives this a spooky, earthy edge and great atmospheric depth (I imagine “night air” helps, but that’s not something I can pinpoint). Too sweet for me but it’s well rounded and quite good – as a fan of the idea of Trick or Treat/Halloween Night scents who doesn’t actually enjoy most of them, this was an real treat to sample.

  2. This one definitely smells like halloween candy, with a bit of wear the apples blend in. A chilled apple smell. There is a background note of dirt that grounds the scent and keeps it from being too sugary sweet. With long wear it fades to a light syrupy smell.

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