Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Dandelions, iced tea, gingersnap crumbs and jam fingerprints on a little lost girl’s cotton dress.

2 thoughts on “Mama”

  1. Sweet ginger cookies and tea. Warm and comforting, like a memory. Gourmand but not too sweet. The jam is mild and not super fruity or sugary. There’s more to it, but I can’t differentiate the rest – there’s a soft floral quality and what could conceivably be a clean laundry smell. They don’t overpower, which I appreciate, and add to the lovely comforting atmosphere.

  2. At first, it’s all gingersnaps. The ice tea and jam start to come out a bit as it settles into a soft, light scent with a little spicy bite from the ginger. It’s a fun scent but not one I would wear everyday.

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