2 thoughts on “Marfa”

  1. Very green! New-green, young-green. At first it threatens to veer into soap territory, which is what happens on me with clean n’ green types. Luckily it wins the fight against soapy… Either that or it’s such a well made, high end luxe soap that I don’t care cause it smells great. Agave is super nice and distinguishable here, adding a unique sweetness and slight warmth. The vetiver is grassy, fragrant, and compliments the light and breezy fruity floral air of this blend. Both fruit and floral are atypical, interesting, and mix well with the overall fresh cleanliness. Supremely green first and foremost, and that’s how it stays.

  2. I’ve seen this one compared to Groom Lake but it’s much dirtier with plenty of vetiver, something fuzzy and perfumey, then a blast of prickly pear vs the cactus flower that these types of scents usually feature.

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